When: April 13, 2019, noon
Location: Futter Field
Amindi K. Fro$t April + VISTA the spirit of the beehive. Shilpa Ray Coco & Clair Clair Goo
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9LESS - Thursdays at 12 a.m.
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This week’s featured show is 9LESS, which is on Thursdays from 12-2am! Where are you from? The Harlem trenches. How long have you been a DJ? Two years now, I think? Three? I had a little experience before my first WBAR show playing at frat parties and stuff. What's your show about? The lore behind the 999 series is that every night is a sort of adventure in this dystopian dream world, this empty city that never ends. The music I play on the station is the in-universe sounds the listener hears drifting around the city as they explore it every week. Said music originally was an even split between cloud rap / Soundcloud rap / trap and death / black metal, but since my first show I've taken the liberty of experimenting with all kinds of genres. How did you come up with the title? This semester's title ("9LESS") was actually a suggestion from my girlfriend Ivanna (DJ Pendeja! Check her stuff out!). It's a continuation of the series - it all started with "9:99 IN THE CITY" for the first year and "999 III" last semester. All the titles continue the lore theme described above, but it's also my way of staying consistent with my branding! The number 999 is very special to me. It's powerful. What's your playlist process? I usually start a playlist in the week before my show by writing down some songs that have been in my head lately that I'd like to share. I'm always listening to music, 24/7, so I never run out of a few songs to latch onto; from there I just build the playlist around the vibes naturally. But once I actually get in the studio and I'm blasting it, I always end up switching things up on the fly and sometimes play things out of order. That's why I never end up putting things on Spinitron, lol. What have you played recently that you loved? Last week (Apr 25) I had a really great show, I played a lot of songs that I loved. Here's a few. Check em out! * Kid Cudi (leak ver.) by Playboi Carti * Pain by Boy Harsher * マリオネット by Akina Nakamori * Ungeziefer by Cendres Favorite WBAR memory? This is going to be so corny... In my first year of having a show I had 2-4 am slots and was pretty much always in there by myself in the dark, just vibing out to my own stuff. It was cool. But after I started talking to said DJ Pendeja (before she actually was a DJ), she started to hang out with me down there and would even fall asleep listening to my playlists! It was always really fun and encouraging to actually know someone else enjoys the stuff I play, especially someone I'm so close to. :) -- anderson II
Amindi K. Fro$t April + VISTA the spirit of the beehive. Shilpa Ray Coco & Clair Clair Goo
no white boys, no white noise
This week’s featured show is no white boys, no white noise, which is on Mondays from 10pm-12am! Where are you two from? Jessie: Boston Jade: NJ How long have you guys been DJs? Jessie: 6th semester Jade: 5th semester What’s your show about? We play music by women of color! Across all genres. How did y’all come up w the title? Jade: When we started the show in Fall 2016, WBAR had a lot fewer Barnard students as DJs and staff, and a lot more white men visible as part of the station's culture! (And a lot more shows that were just white men playing white men). So the name was definitely a reaction to that. We're so happy that WBAR has changed a lot over the past 4 years and that there are now many more Barnard students and people of color on the air and in leadership roles :) What’s your process for coming up w a playlist? Jessie: Each week we come up with a theme, from "a meal at Hewitt dining hall" to "teardrops on my WBAR," to "colors." Then throughout the week I add a song to the playlist that fits the theme as it pops into my head! Jade: It's nice to hear music that Jessie knows that I don't know and vice versa, and also find some things neither of us have ever heard before to play each week. What are some songs you played recently that you love? Jessie: Billie Holiday - Autumn in New York Lijadu Sisters - Come On Home Awkwafina- Queef Jade: New York 93 - Yaeji Schoolin' Life - Beyonce St. Roch Blues - Hurray for the Riff Raff Favorite WBAR memory? Jessie: Winter formal last year — we left for a little bit and came back with milkshakes! Jade: and lots of fun times in the studio -- we like taking phone calls!
This week’s featured show is P.P., which is on Fridays from 2-4am! Where are you from? Amiri - New Jersey Matt - Virginia How long have you been DJs? This is our 2nd semester. What's your show about? Hip hop and emotions and black people and pee. How did y'all come up with the title? When you pee you are usually alone and you might think about your emotions. It's also an acronym for “peaces of the people” but we came up w that after we came up w p.p. What's your process for coming up w a playlist? We pick our songs live on air!!! Depending on how we feel!! (emotions)!! and sometimes take requests. What are some songs you played recently that you love? Beef Flomix by Flo Milli Free Uzi by Lil Uzi Vert iheard. by Knxwledge Favorite WBAR memory? Freestyle fridays
Zine Workshop!
We’ll be having our Zine Workshop for people to come through and draw out some cool pages to submit for the annual spring zine :) The whole staff will be there with snacks and good tunes, so please join us! Regardless of if you join us, March 26th at 11:59pm is when pages are due – use this space to talk about why you love WBAR, promote your band, just have a fun time with it!
Important Notice about WBAR Studio
This past winter break, Facilities worked on renovating our studio and office space and putting in new flooring and made the majority of improvements to the office space. However, they couldn't complete the studio renovations because they discovered the presence of asbestos under the carpet, which is a common building material used throughout NYC. The College contracted with a third party to test the air quality in the studio, and they determined the air is safe and poses no threat. The third party's air monitoring statement is available upon request sent to the main wbar email. In order to remove the asbestos, the College would need to close off a portion of the area, including the hallway, which is not possible with the traffic in that intersection (which includes Primary Care). Therefore, the work will be done this summer and the flooring will be replaced for the Fall 2019 semester. After looking at the responses to a Google form we sent out and speaking with several past DJs in person throughout the month of January, we have determined that we will be continuing operations in the studio this semester instead of moving to the office space. We deeply care about the health and well-being of all of our DJs and want to reiterate that the College contracted with a third party to test the air quality in the studio, and they determined the air is safe and poses no threat. Asbestos is a common building material used in buildings built before the 1970s, and abatement work plus flooring replacement will be done this summer to have the studio ready for the Fall 2019 semester. We hope this will not hinder anyone from applying this semester, but we understand if they feel most comfortable making that decision and urge all potential applicants to do what they feel is best for them. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. If you have further concerns or questions at this point, please contact us directly at