When: April 19, 2014, noon
Location: Barnard College (117th and Broadway)
WBAR is psyched to present the 21st annual WBAR-B-Q!!! This year's show will be on April 19 from noon to 8pm on Barnard's Lehman Lawn and wi...
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Uncommon Nonsense
uncommon nonsense - Fridays at 12 p.m.
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WBAR x CMF 2014
Hello! There is a show this Friday! In two days! Holy Cow! At Barnard! Featuring: MikeQ Saint Pepsi Seth Graham That is unbelievable. Its in The Hive again (Altschul Atrium?). That is on Barnard campus at 117th and Broadway in Manhattan. Its free to enter and gonna be real fun. Check the facebook event here
Uncommon Nonsense
Our newest featured show is Uncommon Nonsense hosted by Hannah Boysko and Anna Solow-Collins. I asked Hannah some questions about the show you you could get to know a little more about our featured show and DJs! How long have you ladies been WBAR Djs? Hannah has been a wbar DJ since fall of 2012 (first semester her freshman year); Anna has been since spring 2013 (second semester her freshman year). What is the genre of your show? The genre of our show could fall under many different labels. Both of us love alt rock and always play some of that every show, but Hannah is a huge hip hop and rap fan, so on her half of the show, those genres are usually featured. There’s often some soul and oldies too. It all depends. We really like to mix it up and do themes that sometimes involve playing youtube clips or one of us reading aloud a piece of writing. What is it like having a co-DJ? The universe usually puts us on the same page mentally, so deciding on a topic is always fun and tends to be easy. We always try to be creative, play something new or different, and make it fun while we do it. What is a song you love that you have played recently? One song we played last show is: “Funny Little Frog” by Belle & Sebastian.
We're having a giant party this Saturday, February 15th. It is at Vareli, your favorite venue!! Starts at 10:45!! This isn't just any party -- its going to be sick. It's also a really important fundraiser for WBAR -- we're raising money to buy a new soundboard at the end of this year. This is crucial to the future of WBAR!!! FEATURING DJ SETS BY: :::::Solid Gold Luxury :::: Threat Hits ::: Hype Merchants :: Pariguayo FEATURING OTHER SICK THINGS LIKE TICKET GIVEAWAYS. TICKETS TO REALLY AWESOME CONCERTS (SERIOUSLY!!) $4 cover charge (all towards our soundboard!) 18+ to enter // 21+ to drink Thanks y'all! Come out, please! It'll be really fun. <3 ALSO HERE'S THE FB EVENT, RSVP: FACEBOOK EVENT
WBAR is psyched to present the 21st annual WBAR-B-Q!!! This year's show will be on April 19 from noon to 8pm on Barnard's Lehman Lawn and will feature some seriously awesome musical acts from all over the world. They are: inc. Ka LVL Up Darlings Jerry Paper DJ Dog Dick Yellow Eyes Giant Claw Amanda X Arm Candy Wahoo!!! Also, free food!!!!! Get excited!!!!!!!!!!!! More info here: facebook.com/events/260889897422323 Tell all your friends!!
Zine Release Show
We are having a Zine release show on Friday! Come checkout this year's WBAR zine, eat some k1ller food, and listen to k1ller bands. More details to come very soon! Stay tuned!
WBAR Staff Applications - Spring 2014
Hello all, We have opened up staff applications. We are looking for a new tech director, RPM music director, college rock music director, folk/world music director, and a station supervisor. That's 5 whole positions! This is a great opportunity to become more involved with WBAR and with everything we do. It's a grand ole' time. Here is the link to apply: Wbar Staff Application Spring 2014 All the details about applying are in that document. One crucial bit of info is that they are due at 8 PM this saturday, February 8th. Good luck y'all, anyone who is interested should apply!! <3 current wbar staff