Winter Formal concert!
When: Dec. 7, 2018, 8 p.m.
Location: Altschul Atrium
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The Cryptozoology Radio Hour
This week’s featured show is The Cryptozoology Radio Hour, which is on Mondays from 2-4pm! Where are you from? Izzi: Delaware Mo: Western Pennsylvania How long have you been a WBAR DJ? Izzi: I had my first show with Klea sophomore year but she was doing a lot of the work so this is my first real show. Mo: This is also my first real show but I’ve been a guest on many a show in my day. How did you come up with the title? Mo: The title comes from my finsta which is “the_mo_radio_hour” which is also a reference to the Moth Radio Hour on NPR. I had this show in London when I studied abroad last semester but I was really sad and missed a lot of shows so I thought I would reprise it back at home on WBAR! What’s your process for coming up with a playlist? Mo: Mostly we just add songs that remind us of the cryptid of the week. This week the cryptid is God so there were a lot of songs that fit the theme including “God is a Woman” and “Pussy is God” Izzi: Oh uh I didn’t realize you were supposed to make a playlist until a couple weeks ago. So there were two whole semesters where I really didn’t know what was happening. Now I’m having a good time making playlists during my classes. What are some songs you played recently that you love? Mo: Izzi introduced me to Saint Seneca and now I’m a BIG fan. As we’re answering these questions we’re playing The Spiritual by Jukebox the Ghost which is a bop that I forgot all about. Izzi: Breakthrough by The Dirty Projectors. I think we played that? Dearly Departed by Shakey Graves. Oh and Girlcrush covered by Harry Styles Favorite WBAR memory? Izzi: I was looking through my photo booth photos and there are so many photos of me, Mo, Klea, Julia Lubey, and Dimitri and we had a whole photoshoot in the studio and the photos are so cute and sweet. Mo: My favorite WBAR memory is last year at Winter Formal because my friends looked really nice and everyone had a great time. I loved the NSOP candles. They were a great touch.
WBAR vs WKCR kickball match!
Get ready for the event of the season - a kickball match between the two campus radio stations! Get to know fellow DJs and have fun while playing a wholesome and fun game such as kickball!!! Current DJs, former DJs, and alums all welcome! Come have fall fun with us! Take a break from studying for midterms!
General Interest Meeting!
Come learn more about WBAR: Barnard College's Freeform Radio Station! New and returning DJs! Invite your friends and get some tips on how to submit a great DJ application!
Winter Formal concert!
Apply for WBAR Exec Staff!
Check out how you may be able to join this fun e-board and get more involved with helping WBAR run! You do not have to be a DJ to apply (but you must be a Barnard/Columbia student). Closes Friday, October 19, by midnight. View openings and apply at this link:
WBAR-B-Q 2018
come celebrate spring & WBAR's 25th birthday with a day full of music, merch, and zines in the barnard quad!! music will start at 12pm;; feat: CROSSLEGGED PINKCARAVAN! WEAVES PALEHOUND as always, this event is free & open to the public - take the 1 train to 116th!