WBAR Presents: Goth Cotillion
When: Dec. 5, 2014, 7 p.m.
Location: Diana Center Event Oval
WBAR's winter formal is going back to its goth roots, this time as a cotillion! Put on your favorite goth ball gown/ suit and come to the Di...
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WBAR Presents: Goth Cotillion
WBAR's winter formal is going back to its goth roots, this time as a cotillion! Put on your favorite goth ball gown/ suit and come to the Diana Event Oval at 7pm on Friday, December 5 to see: **** Potty Mouth - Western Mass pop punk quartet (http://pottymouth.bandcamp.com/) *** UNiiQU3 - vocalist/producer from the Jersey club scene (https://soundcloud.com/uniiquemusiic) ** The Guests - goth Communist jangle pop (https://soundcloud.com/the-guests-2) * all caps LADD - Milwaukee goth pop (http://allcapsladd.bandcamp.com/) If you're unfamiliar with cotillions, Wikipedia has all the wisdom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotillion. You might also want to brush up on proper cotillion etiquette here: http://www.ehow.com/way_5194767_cotillion-etiquette.html This event is FREE & ALL AGES. It's also open to the public. Invite all your friends! RSVP on social media here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1510447099211821/
WBANGERZ 2.0: Techno Harvest
WBangerz is back!! Join us this Friday, November 14th at The West End from 11pm to 2am! Come celebrate the autumn harvest! ~~ FEATURING DJ SETS FROM: student DJs, to be announced ~~ The West End is located on West End Avenue between 106th & 107th. $2 entry fee, $1 if you wear a WBAR shirt ;) 18+ / 21+ to drink ♥ See you @ the harvest
Featured Shows for Fall 2014
Starting next week we will resume our Featured Show interviews! DJs, If you want to be featured make sure to post your playlists and promote your shows on Facebook and to all your friends! Stay tuned for some fun features!
WBAR Station Meeting -- tonight 11/10 at 9pm!
Greetings! If you love WBAR, we'd like to invite you to join us for an all-station meeting TONIGHT in 202 Altschul at 9pm (current DJs are required to attend). Here's why: Some of you may know that WBAR is currently in the process of requesting a new physical space on Barnard's campus. We have been located in the basement of Reid Hall for the past ten years, in a space that was meant to be temporary. As a result, we are facing (and have been facing for years) a number of issues with our space that are keeping WBAR from reaching its full potential as a station and as a positive presence both on Barnard's campus and in the New York community at large. As we begin to move forward with conversations about requesting a new space, it is important to us to have the input of of our DJs, staff, listeners, alums, etc -- we need to show Barnard's administration how much WBAR means to us, and the importance of a proper studio to our longevity. So, if you'd like to see WBAR continue to grow for another 21 years, we hope to see you tonight at 9pm! If you have any questions about this meeting, our campaign for a new space, or would like to read our formal request for a space allocation, please email us at wbar@barnard.edu. Thanks! Love, WBAR executive staff
WBAR Open Mic
Join us this Saturday, October 18th for an Open Mic Night! The event will take place 7-10pm in Altschul Atrium at Barnard, and will be free, all ages, and open to the public (performing is open to students). Sign-ups are now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up, we're excited to see/hear everyone perform!!
Apply for WBAR Staff - Fall 2014!!!
Hi there, it is the website speaking. Applications for staff positions on WBAR are now open. We are seeking a tech director, a webmaster, and a music director (with a focus on rock). All positions are swell, you will learn a lot, and contribute to the way WBAR works. You're gonna love it. Applications are due this Friday, October 3rd. Applicants should be available for interviews on Sunday, October 5th. To apply, please check this link out: WBAR Staff Applications - Fall 2014. Please email responses to these questions to wbar@barnard.edu, by 11:59 PM on Friday. Thank you!!!! <3 :) <3 :) <#333#