When: April 23, 2016, 4 p.m.
Location: Diana Event Oval, Barnard College
*WBAR-B-Q was scheduled to take place at Revson Plaza, but now will be taking place inside the Diana Event Oval at Barnard College! We are b...
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lit! in the morning
Lit! in the Morning - Tuesdays at 06 a.m.
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Executive Staff Applications!
Really love WBAR? Become one of us! Applications for WBAR's executive staff positions are here! We're looking for Music Directors, Webmaster, Station Supervisor, Tech Director, and Promo Director! Email us with any questions! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SZ-0soB9GxoQzSrfgY0yfWLDsCao6oOTzwa_3Qdg27M/edit?ts=57ec5ee2
WBAR is offline for the summer -- big thanks to all of our wonderful DJs, performers, and show-goers for an incredible year. And big thanks to our listeners!! All of you help make WBAR the family it is <3 Photo: Hannah Bleach and Typhoid Mary at our last lawn show -- the Back to School Concert 9/19/15
wbar-b-q is tomorrow!
we are moving bbq to the event oval! it's gonna be great! so stoked to see you all there!
Endless Apps @ TGI FRIDAYS and on the WBAR Website!!! Apply to be a DJ for FALL 2016 http://www.wbar.org/apply/
wbART sunday
c-baby and the Hand of God
Remembering Prince
Those of you who have been in the WBAR studio know how much we love Prince. We were deeply saddened to hear of his passing today. Here is a reflection on his legendary career by WBAR alum, Miguel Gallego: If there were a way of measuring talent per mass, Prince, being short, would probably be among the most dense-with-talent people to have danced the Earth. He was so singular in his vision and so unrelenting in the pursuit of his art—even at the expense of his relationship with others. His musical breadth was enormous. He never cared about boundaries. On the onset of the MTV era, artists like him and Michael Jackson helped bust through the unspoken racial discrimination in their programming. He was omnivorous in his eclecticism—he combined R&B with new wave and punk with funk like it was nothing. It didn’t matter to him whether or not he made sense to anybody else. He could be vulnerable and heartbreaking one moment and a kinky little freak the next. He could be brashly political and then slapstick funny on the following track. Prince seemed to locate the heart of resistance to the oppressiveness of living in the world we do through being illegible. It’s from the incommensurable—the ineffable—that the divine springs. On “I Would Die 4 U,” he declares himself a messiah, a dove, conscious, and love itself. Not a woman, not a man—something that you’ll never understand.