B WBAR DJ - Sandy DJJohnnyD Gooen
Sandy DJJohnnyD Gooen
Real name: Sandy Gooen
WBAR DJ since Feb. 1, 2016

'bout this DJ:

Despite the one being held in the photo, Sandy/DJ Johnny D Gooen has won 0 Tonys... So far. They're currently seeking representation, personally and for people with disabilities on Broadway. Sandy is interested in languages, musical theater, and composition/direction/performance. When asked for further comment on how many languages Sandy speaks, they gave two answers, the inaccurate "I Speak 6 Languages" from Spelling Bee, and "you can't speak ASL." Some of the greatest moments of Sandy's life have been spent in jump splits, some of the worst in split jumps. They would like to be your lover, and your mother and bro too (modified Prince lyric). When Sandy wins a Tony, or, at the very least, becomes a card-carrying Equity member, you'll know. Trust us.