Meet Sophie Kossakowski! Catch her on air Fridays at 8am spinning female/nonbinary artists. Here's what she had to say: WBAR: where are you from? I'm originally from Southbury, Connecticut. WBAR: how long have you been a WBAR DJ? This is my second semester doing girlculture, so about six months. WBAR: what's your show about and how did you come up with your title? My show is focused on celebrating the talent of women and nonbinary musicians, so the whole theme is I don't play any music by men. It's either female/nb artists or a female/nb lead singer in a band. I've always loved the whole gritty, DIY aspect of the riot grrrl movement, so I sort of tried to mirror that. The show name actually comes from a quote by Tobi Vail, who was the drummer for Bikini Kill: "That’s what we mean by girl culture. There’s a whole girl culture that exists when you’re little. There girls have their own scene. And it always gets totally fucked up when girls start dating boys. Like two of them like the same guy. Or they just start dating guys and that becomes their life. Then they get married and that’s traditionally how women get into these situations where they are totally separated from each other in these domestic spheres. What we want to say is, ‘no, that’s not happening to us. This is girl culture and these are our rituals’." WBAR: what is your process for making a playlist? I always put it together a couple nights before the show, just so I can listen through it once first and make sure it flows. I'll do themes sometimes, like for holidays or the election, but mostly I just spend a lot of time researching different bands and musicians, trying to find girls who aren't getting as much exposure as I think they should. I use Bandcamp and Spotify recommendations sometimes, and I get tons of recommendations from my friends to make sure I'm keeping it diverse. WBAR: what are some songs you played recently that you love? Cloud 69 by Lowell, Indigo by Kississippi, Chinese New Year by Sales, and tennessee by p.s. eliot. WBAR: what's your favorite WBAR memory? Honestly, probably the first day I got into the booth last semester. I had tons of sound issues with my first show because I was getting used to the equipment and I kept using the wrong mic and my playlist was too long but it was really exciting just to have that time to myself, to get to share what I was listening to.