Our first featured show of the semester is Noshing & Moshing, a veritable WBAR institution which airs Thursdays at noon! Below, DJ Julia Selinger answers some questions about herself, her show, and WBAR: WBAR: Where are you from? Julia Selinger: Mamaroneck, NY WBAR: How long have you been a WBAR DJ? JS: Since Fall '11, my first semester freshman year. WBAR: What’s the inspiration behind your show name? JS: Noshing & Moshing is the name of a Freaks and Geeks episode, the one where James Franco becomes a punk and fashions a mohawk using raw eggs. It was also the name of my sister's show when she was a WBAR DJ. It's all about the family brand. WBAR: How do you approach your weekly playlists? Do your shows have themes? JS: I find that the time of day I make my shows will affect how they end up sounding. If I make a show late at night, they tend to be a little sleepier or more ambient. If it's the middle of the day, there might be more pop-punk or soul. I usually don't stick to a theme, but I try and sequence songs in a way that is sort of relational, whether it is similar instrumentation or a thematic link. Then again, freeform radio is a beautiful thing. There's nothing like slappin' on a Weather Report album and ~chillin~ WBAR: What’s something you played on your show recently that you really love? JS: Last week I played "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by Bettye Swann. Mmmm. WBAR: What’s your favorite WBAR memory? JS: WBAR-B-Q is always one of my favorite days of the year, but 2013 was one for the books. Chris Forsyth, Speedy Ortiz, Waxahatchee, Scott and Charlene's Wedding, Krill…hot dog! Keep up with all the latest from Noshing & Moshing here!