BB Previous WBAR show for Dude Ranch
8 PM Mar 8 airing of Dude Ranch . ...ahh, memories.

The archive:

The playlist:
Will Is Wearing A Brujas Shirt
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Gameboy (feat. MIKE) 6press (single) (self-released)
2 garlic bread 6press BLAKLIP (self-released)
3 fish tails 6press (single) (self-released)
4 Sick Palberta Bye Bye Berta Wharf Cat
5 Macula Dog Purchase Power-Station C-20 HAORD
6 Working on my Railroad Working on my Railroad Dan Talbot HAORD
7 Time Mo 1 (Norm Talley Mix) Omar-S The Best! FXHE Records
8 Burden Crybabe Tender Cruncher HAOR
9 Chattin' Trip Jones Shadow Stories (self-released)
10 Obituary Mal Devisa 4U (self-released)
11 Track Show Bluemoon Productions (single) Volume Two
12 Getting Closer 6press Girl (self-released)
13 The Bossman Brick Flava (single) Funhouse
14 Prepare Kool Keith Sex Style: The Unreleased Recordings Threshold
15 Mouth Breather The Jesus Lizard Goat Touch and Go
16 Claviceps Purperea D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. Mjöldryga Belaten
17 BOLOLO HAHA Mc Bin Laden MC Bin Laden KLProdutura
18 Suncoat The Funs Is A Cult Manic Static
19 Scharins Söner Varg Ursviken Northern Electronics
20 Twilight Radio Rick Weaver Blue Sky HAOR ?
21 Spiral Meningitis (Got Me Down) Ween Chocolate and Cheese Elektra
22 Re-Up Danny Brown The Hybrid Rappers I Know
23 ooo slauson malone (single) (self-released)
24 Shady Dwele Sketches of a Man Entertainment One Music
25 Ephemera Wiccans Skullduggery Katorga Works
26 Children of Hell Elysia Crampton Demon City Break World
27 Esposas 2013 (No Drums) Elysia Crampton Demon City Break World
28 Arrepientanse MORO San Benito NON
29 Tinted Glass Cold Beat Over Me Crime on the Moon
30 Devil's Son DevilDriver DevilDriver Roadrunner
31 Me and My Old School Big K.R.I.T. Forever and a Day Def Jam
32 Crazy Large Amounts Jedi Knight School (self-released)
33 This Rainy Decade The Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners Calypso Now
34 The Man is Back Berry White Berry White A&M
35 Let's Get Lost Royal Trux Cats and Dogs Drag City
36 Morning Shift Project Pablo Morning Shift Spring Theory