BB Previous WBAR show for Dude Ranch
8 PM Apr 12 airing of Dude Ranch . ...ahh, memories.

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The playlist:
I Don't Know Where Will Is
# Song Artist Album Label
1 The Harmocia Graham Lambkin Community ErstSolo
2 baby how could we be wrong Kane West western beats PC Music
3 Parched Lips Nkisi Kill MW
4 Whip Arca Arca XL
5 DesafĂ­o Arca Arca XL
6 Club Casualties Lucy (single) (self-released)
7 Bitch...I'll Buy Another One!!! Omar S The Best! FXHE
8 Darker Than I Should Be (Ladies Mix) I Guy Called Gerald Darker Than I Should Be (Ladies Mix) / Gloc (Remix) Juice Box
9 Gunbeat Falls Shabazz Palaces Of Light DCide
10 Show You The Way Thundercat Drunk Brainfeeer
11 Red Barz Cardi B (single) (self-released)
12 Bitch I'm Lugubrious LIL UGLY MANE Mista Thug Isolation Ormolycka
13 A Loving Tribute Leech Just the Liquid Far Away
14 Feeling Good Gun Outfit Possession Sound Post Present Medium
15 97 ef 9c 12 87 06 57 d8 b3 2f 0b 11 21 c7 b2 97 77 91 26 48 27 0e 5d 74 TCF 415C47197F78E811FEEB7862288306ECFD4EC3DED8B Liberation Technologies
16 Undine Fear of Men Fall Forever Kanine
17 IV Gao Jiafeng Selected Works 2013-2017 Reading Group
18 Vanity Shrine Cop Warmth (single) (self-released)
19 Three Little Pigs Green Jelly Cereal Killer Soundtrack Zoo Entertainment
20 Lose Control Missy Elliott The Cookbook Atlantic
21 Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake Justified Jive
22 Decemba (Remix) Divine Council Council World Epic
23 Pena Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica Straight
24 Caduceus Dasychira Immolated Blueberry