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2 PM Feb 15 airing of the perfect dad. ...ahh, memories.

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The playlist:
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# Song Artist Album Label
1 Hi-Fi M. Ward Transistor Radio
2 Faith in Strangers Andy Stott Faith in Strangers Modern Love
3 Strom Returns Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher
4 Fell in Love Gidge ? ?
5 I Thought the World of You Lewis L'amour ?
6 Mr. Noah panda bear Mr. Noah [EP] Domino
7 Free Will and Testament Robert Wyatt Shleep
8 Savior Rise Against Appeal to Reason ?
9 Whereabouts Unknown Rise Against Appeal to Reason ?
10 World Domination Joey Bada$$ 1999 ?
11 I Wonder King Geedorah Take Me To Your Leader ?
12 Fever Dreaming No Age Everything in Between ?
13 When You’re Smiling and Astride Me Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear ?
14 Strings and Attractors How To Destroy Angels Welcome To Oblivion ?
15 Terror in the Canyons (The Wounded Master) Phosphorescent Muchacho ?
16 Beautiful A.G. Cook ? PC Music
17 Song Artist Album Label