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6 AM Feb 18 airing of Being Silly with Jonah and Alex. ...ahh, memories.

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The playlist:
Cool Guys Askin for Help
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Song Artist Album Label
2 The Weekly Toss ~~Cool Aunt$~~ lil paninis 0-5:15
3 Search and Destroy Iggy Pop Raw Power 5:15-9
4 An Introduction and Weekly Theme J&A Cool Guys pt.1 9-12:30
5 On Imre and Aesthetics J&A saucers 12:30-15:15
6 Caught, Can I Get a Witness? Public Enemy It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back 15:15-19:30
7 BEING SILLY WITH JONAH AND ALEX INTRO MUSIC J&A Overcoming the Florals 19:30-20
8 Floral Arrangements J&A Cool Guys pt. 2 20-20:30
9 The Apotheosis of Shia Labeouf J&A Decline and Fall 20:30-22:30
10 The John Travolta Children's Choir J&A Friends can be Pillows Too 22:30-25:30
11 Permission is COOL J&A u gotta def? 25:30-26:30
12 Puedo ir al baƱo? / Class Etiquette J&A raisin in the sun 26:30-30
13 Two Girls Chattin' J&A frans hals 30-31
14 sidekicks and cool bros J&A u herd with perd 31-33:30
15 glenn beck's wbar archives and the incident of 89 J&A cool it, benson 33:30-35:40
16 Can I Have a Party? Birthday Girl Wash the Dishes 35:40-37
17 Let's Talk Dads J&A Anthony Anderson Presents: Cool Guys Finish Last 37-39
18 I'm a Humble Guy Interlude Alex The Soliloquy 39-40
19 Back to Daddies J&A babygrapes 40-41
20 On Jonah and Families Jonah feat. Alex aunts are not always cool 41-43
21 An Ode to Ben LaZebnik J&A Cool Guys pt. 3 43-44
22 What's a Junior to a Senior Junior?? J&A french kissing in the sandlot 44-46
23 Daddy's and Online Blind Dating J&A jacques derrida's chocolate milk 46-49:30
24 Father and Son Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman 49:30-51:30
25 Father and SONS J&A a shot for turgenev 51:30-53
26 Getting Back to our Silly Roots J&A power hour 53-54
27 Wife Swaps: Coolio and Mark McGrath J&A 90s Nostalgia Tour 54-55
28 Fly Sugar Ray [feat SUPER CAT] Floored 55-57
29 Serious Talk: Asking for a Kiss? J&A Bringing it all back Home 57-73:20
30 Buy U A Drank (Acoustic) T-Pain Tiny Desk Concert 73:20-76
31 T-Pain Being BAD J&A Betty Grable's Fruit Loops 76-77
32 SNL 40 Thoughts J&A Jonah's Superbowl 77-86:30
33 Let's Talk Adam Sandler J&A Akya or Nish Nish 86:30-90:30
34 A Night with Marisa Tomei Jonah Asking is COOL 90:30-93:30
35 SNL Wrap Up J&A Cool Guys Gettin Sleepy 93:30-99
36 The Leonard Nimoy Minute J&A It's Really Two Minutes 99-101
37 WE PROMISE WE'RE DONE WITH SNL J&A Grits and Gravy 101-104
38 Breakfast Can Wait Prince ART OFFICIAL AGE 104-108
39 For Your Health J&A Tarkovsky's New Groove 108-111
40 Eggs Freak Jonah Out J&A Wilma's Grill 111-114
41 A Word From Our Sponsors J&A Being Silly with Alex 114-118
42 What is Being Silly Mean? J&A Just Two Buds 118-120
43 FOR THE REST OF THE SHOW SEE HOUSE JAM Alex and Jonah not being able to say words the sign off AND....
44 No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross Sufjan Stevens No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross Asthmatic Kitty