BB Previous WBAR show for Joshua Stop It
10 AM Mar 4 airing of Joshua Stop It. ...ahh, memories.

The playlist:
The Glitter and the Roar
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Johnny Guitar Jeanne Balibar Paramour ?
2 Fashion Cult Nikki Sudden Waiting on Egypt ?
3 This Magic Moment Lou Reed Lost Highway soundtrack ?
4 Lewis Yo La Tengo President Yo La Tengo/New Wave Hot Dogs
5 Geek the Girl Lisa Germano Geek the Girl ?
6 The Lion and the Tribes of Judah Lonnie McIntorsh Memphis Gospel 1927-1929 ?
7 Pure Religion Blind Gussie Nesbit Blind Joe Taggart vol. 2 ?
8 Let My Jesus Lead You Skip James Rare and Unreleased ?
9 Fannin Street Tom Waits Orphans ?
10 I See The Sign of Judgment Bull City Red Blues and Gospel from the Eastern States 1935-1944 ?
11 I Want Jesus to Walk With Me James Shorty Sounds of the South ?
12 When the Saints Go Marching In Precious Bryant Fire in my Bones ?
13 When the Saints Go Marching In Louis Armstrong Jazz Masters Deluxe Collection ?
14 Ye Sleeping Nights of Jesus Robyn Hitchcock I Often Dream of Trains ?
15 Symphony 6: First and Second Movements Glenn Branca Symphony 6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven) ?
16 The Liar Rev. Isaiah Shelton Goodbye, Babylon ?
17 No Room at the Hotel Bessie Johnson Memphis Gospel 1927-1929 ?
18 I'm Going Home to Live with Jesus Viola James Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long ?
19 This Little Light of Mine James Shorter and Viola James Sounds of the South ?
20 Live the Life Rev. B.L. Wrightman Preachers and Congregations vol. 7 ?
21 He Will Carry Us Safely Home Rev. James Beard Preachers and Congregations vol. 1 ?
22 It's Gonna Rain Rev. E.D. Campbell Rev. E.D. Campbell, Rev. Isaiah Shelton, and Rev. C.F. Thornton ?
23 It's Gonna Rain part 1 Steve Reich Works 1965-1995 ?
24 Blood on Your Hands Swans World of Skin ?
25 Revival Prayer Deacon A. Wilson Preachers and Congregations vol. 7 ?