2 PM Nov 13 airing of LANDSCAPE HYPOCRISY. ...ahh, memories.

The playlist:
Meat the Beagles, Bagels for Sale
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Aquarius Boards Of Canada Music Has the Right to Children Warp Records
2 Do You Like Worms? The Beach Boys SMiLE Capitol
3 Polynesia Michael Hurley Long Journey Rounder Records
4 Tomorrow Never Knows Amen Dunes Through Donkey Jaw Sacred Bones Records
5 The King's New Clothes Were Made By His Own Hands Shabazz Palaces Black Up Sub Pop
6 Mass Production Iggy Pop The Idiot RCA
7 I'm Not Done Fever Ray Fever Ray Rabid Records
8 The Prisoner Gil Scott-Heron Pieces of a Man Flying Dutchman
9 Ya Messinagh (Oh, Lord) Tinariwen Tassili V2
10 On Oath Andy Stott Faith In Strangers Modern Love
11 Jenny Ondioline Stereolab Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements Duophonic
12 I Thought You Were My Boyfriend The Magnetic Fields i Nonesuch
13 Black Sea The Field Cupid's Head Kompakt
14 Wichita Vortex Sutra Philip Glass & Allen Ginsburg Hydrogen Jukebox Nonesuch
15 Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth Parkay Quarts Content Nausea What's Your Rupture?