Alternative title: Artists that I've met and tried to act cool in front of but in reality just ended up bursting into tears and telling them that they "changed my life" over and over. 1. Johnny Flynn I think British folk singer Johnny Flynn is massively underrated. His writing is really beautiful and he has a completely unique and lovely voice. This summer I went to two of his shows in a row, one in Boston and one in New York City. After the show I ran into him in the lobby and asked him for a picture...I was totally "chill" He's also an "actor"--he did a pretty cute show called "scrotal recall" that's on Netflix, whatever. Here are two of my favorites of his: 2. Laura Marling Laura Marling started playing music professionally when she was sixteen. I totally fell in love with her when I was thirteen. Since then I've watched her grow as I've grown up with her. She's moody and ethereal and raw, and she has matured so much without losing any of what makes her creatively interesting and fresh. I met her after one of her shows in Martha's Vineyard. I walked up to her all casual and then immediately burst into tears. She was really nice to me, but I'll never get over it. This is her right at the beginning (16 years old): This is her now: Check em out -Naomi