Having been a WBAR DJ and staff member since my first semester of college, this is certainly a bittersweet post. I can hardly believe this is my last semester on WBAR and that I am about to graduate in a few weeks. However, I’m happy to know that I will always be able to go to wbar.org to catch some tunez! One of my all time favorite aspects of WBAR is that as DJs we get the freedom to choose our radio show’s genre or theme, title and playlist each week. The world is truly your oyster as a WBAR DJ. I also love that everyone has a unique aesthetic. Its always fun to see the creative show names and Facebook pages WBAR DJs create for their shows. Given that this is one of my favorite elements of WBAR, I wanted to share the origin of my bizarre show name—The Nudgiekins Experience. Outside of WBAR, another one of my favorite things in life is nicknames. Given that I have a long first name—Nicole-Juliet—12 letters plus a hyphen, I have always gone by nicknames. In middle school, a group of my friends came up with the nickname “Nudgiekins” inspired by the blending of NJ to sound like nudge + kins to be extra cute (◠‿◠). This nickname definitely caught on and we always joked that like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Nudgiekins Experience was going to be my next band name. Fast-forward to freshman year of college— I didn’t have a band, but I was a WBAR DJ. So what did I name my show? The Nudgiekins Experience of course! When you listen to my show, you are truly stepping into my mind. While I have always been passionate about live performance, WBAR has given me an equally exciting music opportunity and community that I have been lucky enough to have every semester. Current DJs and future DJs—continue to be creative with your show names and themes. It is one of the quirky, fun and awesome elements that makes WBAR so special. Peace & Love, NJ aka DJ Nudgiekins