after a short break full of midterms & busy work for us station supervisors at wbar, welcome back to SHOW OF THE WEEK! our next feature is LIT! IN THE MORNING. check out our interview here & tune in on tuesdays, 6am!! WBAR: where are you guys from? CORY (LITM): I'm from Lima, Ohio; Ethan lives outside of Chicago; Alfredo is from Houston, Texas (like Beyonce). WBAR: how is it being new djs at wbar? LITM: It's fun! We're still trying to get our set-up figured out, but it's pretty nice to listen to some ~lit~ music in the morning. Each of us has really enjoyed having the whole show to ourselves whenever it happens, which kind-of goes against our original intent for the show, but whatever. WBAR: what came first: the morning time slot or the name Lit! in the Morning? LITM: Lit! in the Morning came as a whole package!!! The Lit! was needed and morning just seemed a natural fit--like, it's pretty redundant to say Lit! at Night. Lit! is typically the default for night. We were going to commit to the title no matter what, but we received a morning slot so that was never a problem. And we wouldn't have actually committed to the title had we been given a night time slot. WBAR: how do you guys put together lit playlists that are fit for 6am? LITM: Ethan, I think, is the only one to consistently plan his playlists ahead of time, which I really. Alfredo typically makes it up as he goes, which I also really respect for different reasons. I usually put mine together while listening to the other guys' playlists.. Overall, though, none of us are really consistent in how we make playlists, we just feel a vibe and go with it. If there's any good we can accomplish with the show I hope it's that we expand the idea of what is "lit" in our (2 or 3) listeners minds. WBAR: favourite show memory so far: LITM: The first time Alfredo did his segment of the show he was totally unprepared and frantically searching through YouTube for songs to play as his few songs quickly played out. It was very entertaining. At one point he couldn't find the song he was looking for and there just this long awkward silence that I thought was the funniest thing ever. Ethan didn't find it as funny as I did, which made it even more the funniest thing ever. OH and one time when I was doing the show by myself I listened to that new Icona Pop song, "Someone Who Can Dance," for the first time and I was not ready for such a bop. ~don't forget to give some love to our early morning shows, too!!~