though the WBAR studio sometimes feels a little roachy, smoky, and dusty, it is the place where so much of the magic of WBAR happens and i am eternally grateful to have had 6 semesters of special moments down in the basement of reid hall. here are a few: ***crushed velvet, fall 2013*** when i felt horrible during my xmas show and had to run upstairs and throw up in the reid 2 bathroom and i missed mariah carey's YOUUUUUUUUU in "all i want for christmas is you" :( ***crushed velvet, spring 2014*** when i didn't realize my playlist was on shuffle and i accidentally played the same simon & garfunkel song 3 times :/ ***us weekly, fall 2015*** when me and my co-dj amelia played all of third eye blind's self-titled and sang along with the mics turned all the way up :) ***best in show, spring 2015*** when i dedicated a show to my childhood dog menley and played all my mom's favorite songs :,) this is a very tiny taste of all the wonderful and terrible times i have had in the wbar studio. all of these moments have been or will one day be lost to internet wasteland but the memories will exist forever in my heart and in the walls of ye olde WBAR studio <33333 -alex