Hey team, Thomas Wee was the lucky winner of our giveaway a couple of weeks back. Here's what he thought: Among pews, stained glass, and crucifixes, psychedelic-folk band Olden Yolk kicked off a great show at the Park Church Co-Op. Housed in a literal church in Brooklyn, the venue provided a surprisingly appropriate, moody, ethereal atmosphere for the night’s acts. Olden Yolk, led by frontman Shane Butler, set the tone of show with a set that was an effective combination of introspective and danceable, leaving the audience unsure as to whether to stand and dance or remain in their pews for the whole show. By the time that Montreal based Anemone, the second band of the evening, had started their set, a decision was made and people were clustered at the front of the stage dancing. The vocals of Chloé Soldevila, the band’s lead singer, combined with the masterful guitar work of the Gabriel Lambert, Zachary Irving produces in a driving, grooving mix in the vein of American dream pop acts like Alvvays and French pop legends like Francoise Hardy. After Anemone had brought the energy level of the crowd to a climax, Mild High Club took the stage to perform to a Park Church nearly packed to capacity, with the audience thronging the edge of the stage. Alexander Brettin and his band projected a joking, easy going confidence with each other and with the audience, a demeanor that was reflected in their laid back, funk inspired playing. Overall it was a great show by three fantastic bands in a very unique venue. Thanks Thomas! And a big thank you to AdHoc Presents and the Park Church Coop.