This week’s featured show is no white boys, no white noise, which is on Mondays from 10pm-12am! Where are you two from? Jessie: Boston Jade: NJ How long have you guys been DJs? Jessie: 6th semester Jade: 5th semester What’s your show about? We play music by women of color! Across all genres. How did y’all come up w the title? Jade: When we started the show in Fall 2016, WBAR had a lot fewer Barnard students as DJs and staff, and a lot more white men visible as part of the station's culture! (And a lot more shows that were just white men playing white men). So the name was definitely a reaction to that. We're so happy that WBAR has changed a lot over the past 4 years and that there are now many more Barnard students and people of color on the air and in leadership roles :) What’s your process for coming up w a playlist? Jessie: Each week we come up with a theme, from "a meal at Hewitt dining hall" to "teardrops on my WBAR," to "colors." Then throughout the week I add a song to the playlist that fits the theme as it pops into my head! Jade: It's nice to hear music that Jessie knows that I don't know and vice versa, and also find some things neither of us have ever heard before to play each week. What are some songs you played recently that you love? Jessie: Billie Holiday - Autumn in New York Lijadu Sisters - Come On Home Awkwafina- Queef Jade: New York 93 - Yaeji Schoolin' Life - Beyonce St. Roch Blues - Hurray for the Riff Raff Favorite WBAR memory? Jessie: Winter formal last year — we left for a little bit and came back with milkshakes! Jade: and lots of fun times in the studio -- we like taking phone calls!