This week’s featured show is P.P., which is on Fridays from 2-4am! Where are you from? Amiri - New Jersey Matt - Virginia How long have you been DJs? This is our 2nd semester. What's your show about? Hip hop and emotions and black people and pee. How did y'all come up with the title? When you pee you are usually alone and you might think about your emotions. It's also an acronym for “peaces of the people” but we came up w that after we came up w p.p. What's your process for coming up w a playlist? We pick our songs live on air!!! Depending on how we feel!! (emotions)!! and sometimes take requests. What are some songs you played recently that you love? Beef Flomix by Flo Milli Free Uzi by Lil Uzi Vert iheard. by Knxwledge Favorite WBAR memory? Freestyle fridays