This week's featured show is The Cheese Log, which airs Sunday mornings from midnight to 2am. We talked to its DJs, Reina and Sam, about (what else) cheese. WBAR: Where are you guys from? CHEESE LOG: Reina is from Marblehead, MA-- a small town with a lot of golden retrievers and yacht clubs. She's a cat person who doesn't like boats... Sam is from Jericho, Long Island - more like lawng eye land. (SAM: I've been told I have a slight accent. I'm sorry.) W: How long have you been WBAR DJs? CL: Since fall 2012, our freshman year. W: How did you choose your show's name? CL: The first time we went to West Side [Market] during the first week of school, we were so excited by how many cheeses they had: we wanted to try all of them! For a solid month, we bought a new cheese every week, and we would keep track of all of them in our CHEESE LOG! We submitted our first WBAR application, in a movie theater, 15 minutes before the deadline. The first thing that came to mind was our Cheese Log. We no longer buy new cheese every week, but it will always be logged. The pun with actual cheese logs was unintentional, sorry to disappoint. W: What kind of cheese do you like best? SAM: To be completely honest, goat cheese is my ultimate favorite. I know we're supposed to say something weird so people can go out and discover a new cheese, but if I say anything else, I'd be lying. Eating goat cheese on a cracker with apricot jam is my favorite thing to do. REINA: Goat and Brie. All the way. But if we're being fancy, Ekte Geitost is probably the coolest cheese out there. It's technically a goat cheese, but it has a nutty/buttery flavor. Plus, it's Norwegian, so it has Thor on its side. W: What's a song or artist you played on your last episode? CL: We've played a lot of Minks this year. Our favorite songs are Romans, Doomed and Cool, and Margot. We play music to get yo' party started. Tune in for some cool tunes. Thanks!