Our newest featured show is Uncommon Nonsense hosted by Hannah Boysko and Anna Solow-Collins. I asked Hannah some questions about the show you you could get to know a little more about our featured show and DJs! How long have you ladies been WBAR Djs? Hannah has been a wbar DJ since fall of 2012 (first semester her freshman year); Anna has been since spring 2013 (second semester her freshman year). What is the genre of your show? The genre of our show could fall under many different labels. Both of us love alt rock and always play some of that every show, but Hannah is a huge hip hop and rap fan, so on her half of the show, those genres are usually featured. There’s often some soul and oldies too. It all depends. We really like to mix it up and do themes that sometimes involve playing youtube clips or one of us reading aloud a piece of writing. What is it like having a co-DJ? The universe usually puts us on the same page mentally, so deciding on a topic is always fun and tends to be easy. We always try to be creative, play something new or different, and make it fun while we do it. What is a song you love that you have played recently? One song we played last show is: “Funny Little Frog” by Belle & Sebastian.