Wow. It’s hard to believe that it’s already February and we’re about to start spring programming. Does anyone else feel like this school year has flown by? I think, for me, it’s especially poignant because I am a senior and will graduate (fingers crossed) and leave this place in the near future. I know I probably shouldn’t start reflecting on my time here until it’s actually over, but, fuck it. It’s my blog post and I’ll cry if I want to. Like most things in my life, I yolo applied to Barnard early decision. During my interview I remember asking the Barnard senior about WBAR — she couldn’t tell me much, but I was, clearly, still hooked. My mother was a broadcast journalist in her post-grad life and I wanted to inherit her coolness factor in addition to her bone structure and harem pants. As a senior in high school, I would listen to WBAR off-and-on, and daydream about one day being like those DJs I heard having so much fun. Fall of my first-year in Morningside, I applied to have a show and, for reasons I still can’t comprehend, received one. Spring of my first-year, I shook with nerves all the way through my staff interview. I still remember sitting in Signe and Michelle’s room when NJ called me. I remember the exact sound of her voice — “Alice? Congratulations!” Two years later, she and I would travel around Europe together. It sounds cliché to say this, but WBAR has been the central aspect of my life at Barnard. It has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing, fun, creative people on campus, to grow as a much as a human can in four years, and to have a home on campus, where I can always go and feel safe and supported and challenged in the best way. But, most importantly, it brought me to a group of women to whom I related and by whom I felt inspired. Grace, who effortlessly mixed kindness with a no-bullshit attitude; Madeline, whose sincerity and organizational skills never cease to amaze me; Juli, whose sense of humor and quick thinking make her the perfect partner in crime. I am eternally grateful to be part of this lineage of general managers. I am eternally grateful to be part of a staff that is so knowledgable and dedicated, and that can balance efficiency with wit. I am eternally grateful to have this family. So, in closing I say, congratulations to everyone who takes part in this great adventure! And it truly is an adventure. We’ve got big plans for this semester. We’re excited to share them with you all. Love, Alice