welcome back to wbar's SHOW OF THE WEEK, where we'll feature cool new shows and beloved favourites! our first feature for spring semester is SHEILABEATS, airing mondays 2-4am. we interviewed djs anna and greer about their new lives at wbar: WBAR: where are you guys from? A&G: Melbourne, Australia WBAR: how long have you guys been djs? A&G: 3 weeks-we're rookies WBAR: what was the inspiration for your show name? A&G: We were in the Diana Center trying to think of an aussie sounding name and we were riffing on the word ‘sheila’ (Aus slang for gal/ woman) and opted to combine with the ‘beats’ suffix for youth and freshness. WBAR: what’s your process for making a playlist? A&G: Going through our respective playlists where we’ve collected all the aussie tracks on our iTunes and picking out gems. We also field requests, mainly from our dads but also from all our keen fans back home. We like to showcase a bit of a range, with nice tight subcategories (i.e. one hit wonders of ex-soapie stars, Melbourne-Gal electro and mid 2000s ARIA winning hyper-masculine pop rock). WBAR: favourite music recently? A&G: We’ve both agreed to plug Hinds, a Spanish rock band who happen to be all-girl. Look at their instagram and you will fall in love. As far as Australian music goes, Melbourne band Grandstands has just released a new album ‘Stranger’ which we’re frothin at the moment. WBAR: weirdest music you’ve heard in a dining hall/on campus? A&G: Definitely the selection 80s rock that plays on a seeming loop courtesy of Light FM in ‘Liz’s Place’, and you’re trying to concentrate on not spilling your starbucks but Belinda Carlisle makes emotional so you can’t. WBAR: weirdest music rec from someone, go: Greer: Once a dude told me I would love this viral video cartoon called ‘Yeah, Toast!’ and sang it to me. It was embarrassing for both of us. Anna: Probably the subpar soundcloud of Someone’s Friend Who Makes Beats Now.