Man oh man! Not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for my slick WBAR tote and my awesome WBAR t-shirt. Everyone should have one! Every couple of months, select members of WBAR gather up our paints and our screens and our muscles and and go print a bunch of these bad boys at once. But in recent months, our screens have started to wear down. Which would be sad, except it’s not! Because instead of get the same ones we are turning to the WBAR COMMUNITY for a T-SHIRT/TOTE DESIGN CONTEST!!!! Design a new logo for WBAR! You can WBAR-IFY a famous album design, like our old screens did, OR you can do a WHOLE NEW THING! Please submit your designs to !! Deadline to come sometime in mid March so gettum done ASAP! Also, if you’d like to MAKE MERCH - be a part of a MERCH SQUAD, perhaps?? - let us know that too. at with your name and number and we will let you know when we MERCH it UP next. Thanks guys! LOVE, Juli