This week, we're featuring Ronald Reagan's Murder Mysteries w/ DJs Preston & Ben! Woohoo! They're on the air Wednesdays from 2-4am, check 'em out: WBAR: Where are you guys from? B: Preston is from the happiest place in America according to Oprah’s book club- San Fran.. I mean San Luis Obispo I am from the state with the most morbidly obese governor- New Jersey WBAR: How long have you been djs? B: This is Preston’s first rodeo and I have been buckin the bull for two semesters now WBAR: What inspired your show? P&B: We were thinking about the most inspirational and influential pop culture figure on our personal character and aspirations, and then we took the opposite of that and came to Ronald Reagan. Then we had to decide the theme of the show. Looking back on his noteworthy presidency we remembered how he took credit for tearing down the Berlin Wall. Tearing down walls...murder…natural correlation. And that’s the genesis of Preston and I sliding our tongues into your ear cavities at 2am on a Wednesday. WBAR: How do you prep for your shows? P&B: Preston painstakingly pours over newly released alternative albums, searching for the best and most appropriate booty boppin’ beats to awaken your inner livelihood. Subjecting himself to hours of low-fi ear buzz from his even lower quality headphones, he dishes out his whole allowance of $5 a month for Spotify premium. Ben looks for Wikipedia pages of murders. WBAR: Do you ever get spooked out by your subject matter, murder mysteries? P&B: We walk on the tightrope between morbid curiosity and sophomoric improv humor. Sometimes bits of dismembered prostitute get caught in our thin prepubescent beards as we spit into the face of the incompetent detectives on our cases, but other times we come away clean, with only the remains of blood stains on our matching sweatshirts from the Gap. So in short, no. WBAR: What should listeners look forward to in your upcoming shows? P&B: Imagine you are witnessing the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. You flew all the way from newly liberated Algeria to view this historic event and as they take the first sledge hammer hit; a piece of brick shrapnel hits your left cornea and you go blind in one eye. Now you have to wear an eyepatch constantly and all your friends greet you by saying “arrrggh”. Your mother no longer loves you. That will be the feeling you get for the next three and a half episodes. So grab your peg leg and your pet shoulder parrot because you are about to see what happens when you are on the wrong side of a rusty hand hook.