7. Waking up in the WBAR studio I had the 4-6 am time slot during my first semester at WBAR and I was often so tired that I would fall asleep in the studio and walk up halfway through my show. Suddenly waking up in the studio is a uniquely "“WBAR”” memory that I will surely never forget! 6. WBAR friends I’ll never forget all the WBAR friends that I’ve made over the years. So many of my friends are WBAR friends! The other day I was trying to count all of my friends. I couldn’t arrive at an exact number. It’s hard to count your friends (I’ve heard some people can do it). I’ve sure got a lot of WBAR friends, though! And I love ‘em all. 5. WBAR live music events In case you didn't know, WBAR puts on some great live music events. I have too many memories of WBAR concerts to list them all here, but DJ Dog Dick (WBAR-B-Q 2014), Perfect Pussy (WBAR-B-Q 2015), Dirty Will (Fall 2015 “Back-to-School” Concert), and Container (WBAR Winter Formal 2015: Home on the RAVE) were definitely some of my favorite performances. I’ll never forget ‘em! 4. WBAR lugs I’ll never forget lugging and lifting the WBAR music equipment to and from our concerts. I love to lug! I remember for the Fall 2015 “Back-to-School” Concert we decided to use the big PA speakers instead of the smaller ones. It was our first show of the school year and we wanted to make it a good one! Lugging those huge speakers from the WBAR studio over to Lehman Lawn wasn’t easy, but lemme tell you--it was worth it! The bigger the speaker, the bigger the sound! I’ll never forget lugs like that one. 3. WBAR roaches I will never, ever be able to forget all of the cockroaches that I’ve seen in the WBAR office over the past four years. I won’t go into detail here, but I will pose a quick questions for the reader (let me know what you think in the comment section below): why do the roaches live in the dark but die in the light? 2. WBAR MD meetings Nothing like sitting down in the WBAR office with a group of fellow DJs to talk about all things WBAR-related and share a few good tunes. I’m never gonna forget WBAR MD meetings! 1. WBAR Barnard College Radio Being a DJ at WBAR Barnard College Radio is definitely my top WBAR memory that I’ll never ever be able to forget. My four years as a WBAR Radio DJ were some of the best years of my life. I miss it already. I miss those years. My WBAR years. Thanks for all the unforgettable memories, WBAR Radio. -SD