happy monday! check out this week's featured show THE GIGGS:: tuesdays at 8am with sydne and aly-- WBAR: where are you guys from? SALT LAKE CITAYYYYYYY, Utah. (Both of us) WBAR: what's it like being in your 7th semester as wbar djs? Sydne: Well, sometimes we have less tech difficulties...though I’m currently embattled with the microphone. Aly: I think we’ve learned not to take ourselves or our show too seriously, but we still take it too seriously. We’re kind of ridiculously dedicated. Sydne: LOL SO TRUE THOUGH. Stay cool, stay cool. WBAR: in your opinion, what was the best album of 2015? Aly: I loved Beneath The Skin by Of Monsters and Men, but if I were to say best music released in 2015 it would be the two EP’s that The Japanese House released for sure, Pools To Bathe In and Clean. Sydne: Yeah I’m gonna go with some EP’s as well. Tei Shi’s EP, Verde, twigs’ EP M3LL155X (Melissa), and Hallucinogen by Kelela. Aly: #GIRLPOWER Sydne: *grrrl power WBAR: band you wish you were a part of: Sydne: We’ve discussed this thoroughly and thoughtfully, and I’d like to thank you for asking us this question. I decided I would like to be a part of Toronto punk band Dilly Dally (#DillyDallyLife), BUT Aly and I are gonna take over Wolf Alice with Ellie Rowsell and kick out the guys. Except Joel. The drummer. He can stay. Aly: I would be a part of CHVRCHES. But, if we could be in a band together we’d take over Wolf Alice. But I’d let the guys stay. Sydne: But if we keep them in the band WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO. COWBELLS???? WBAR: what's you ultimate guilty pleasure music? Aly: Dirty Dancing Soundtrack…All music from bad 80’s movies. Especially the Footloose soundtrack, those songs are just bad. Sydne: Halsey. All the way. And The 1975, except we don’t feel guilty about that at all. WBAR: what has been your favourite wbar memory? Sydne: Ok ok ok. That one time in our second semester (I believe), I thought the mic was off, but there was no music playing and I thought I’d broken the station...but the mic was on...and I said something I regret. Aly was tuned in from Utah and she heard me say it and frantically texted me “SYDNE THE MIC IS ON.” Embarrassing. Then I just giggled - as our show name suggests. Aly: There’s been tons of great moments, such as Sydne’s epic mic failure, but honestly I’ve just loved doing the show with Sydne, that’s the best memory. Calling out Walter (high school heart throb) and trying to get him to call in was vastly entertaining though. Sydne: I wish that had worked. Good try bud.