BB WBAR Show - I am zero
I am zero
Thursdays - 12 AM
Genre: CandyKing
DJ(s): SamLui
Was gonna call this show Bye bye Maya since my co-DJ maya is no longer with us (at school, not in life) but decided upon seeing "Thursday - 0" that I would call it this instead. ooh i guess my new name actually makes sense for my show too because it is sort of a quote from a movie i saw recently, it is so good it is called happiness and about unhappy people. Annnddd since i will be trying to base each show around a movie and its soundtrack, this name fits! And if not it will just be music of the CandyKing genre, which is a new genre, for music i like because i can't explain what it is in a song that i like, its very specific and ineffable and can be in any normal genre. also i love candy. this probably makes no sense bye. listen. please