BB Previous WBAR show for Ruff Haus
2 AM Dec 1 airing of Ruff Haus. ...ahh, memories.

The playlist:
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Galactic Dance Part 1 Takuya Matsumoto Ekr's Galactic Dance Clone Royal Oak
2 Pale Fire M.Rav Untitled L.I.E.S.
3 Arcade Affair Lucretio Île De La Tour E.P. Machines State
4 Sandfish Hashman Deejay Sandopolis Future Times
5 Night Of The Overbeing Dan Physics Untitled L.I.E.S.
6 Berlin '94 (Vocal Mix) Jock Club After Hours 540 Records
7 Stuck In Socks Moodcut Tame Cats Nous
8 Deep Space Lovers Oobe Digitalisea 1080p
9 Untitled Club No-No & SVN Untitled SUED
10 No More Heroes (Dub) Steve Murphy Basement Floor 03 Basement Floor Records
11 GWRH K15 Insecurities Wild Oats
12 Unwanted Noise Vincent Floyd Moonlight Fantasy Rush Hour Music NL
13 Psycho Animus Dawit Eklund Psycho Animus / Tuff Ruff 1432 R
14 Dimension (Fred P Reshape) Naoki Shinohara Dimension EP Soul People Music
15 Untitled (B2) Laurent Untitled Gene's Liquor
16 Looking Back Andras & Oscar Cafe Romantica Chapter Music
17 Sorry Modini Turk Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
18 Po' Folk (The Analogue Cops Remix) Fjaak Po' Folk Klasse Recordings
19 Second Leyland Yaleesa Hall Leyland Will & Ink
20 C-19 (DYSN-T Remix) Route 8 Ethos Series 001 Nous