BB Previous WBAR show for Ruff Haus
2 AM Oct 13 airing of Ruff Haus. ...ahh, memories.

The playlist:
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Ruthless Compassion Bedouin Ascent Reconnect The Thread Rising High Records
2 Underground Morality (Essential Mix) Ricky R Underground Morality PRG (Progressive Motion Records)
3 Side Crack Lung Randomer Untitled Russian Torrent Versions
4 Untitled A DJ Trema & The Avenger Untitled Not On Label
5 Blueshift Archetype Time Dilation Effect 21/22 Corporation
6 Numbskull Paul Birken Surfin' Superior Communique Records
7 Vlucht Naar Nachtschade (Delta Funktionen Remix) VC-118A Vlucht Naar Nachtschade Lunar Disko Records
8 Back To The House Deymare Série Limitée 004 Série Limitée
9 Feel The Groove (Underground Remix) Cartouche Feel The Groove The Brothers Organisation
10 Leaf Morganistic Fluids Amniotic Input Neuron Musique
11 Pressure (Laurentlaboratoiral'ancienne Mix) DJ Gilb'r Pressure Versatile Records
12 Vox Automaton ERP Vox Automaton Frustrated Funk
13 Something To Tide You Over Beau Wanzer Untitled Russian Torrent Versions
14 Meditation Will Manifest Winks Meditation Will Manifest R&S Records
15 Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik Omar-S Annoying Mumbling Alkaholik FXHE Records
16 2 Breaker 1 2 Breakin' Forbidden Planet
17 Empty Silence The Normalmen Dorko's Antruum Early Sounds Recordings
18 Nightflight (Nonstop to Kaos) The Mover PCP EP R&S Records
19 Mi. Amient Vs Spasm Soichi Terada Sumo Jungle Far East Recording
20 Sizzler Hank Jackson Palee Hit EP Proibito
21 Inhalants Inhalants Inhalants L.I.E.S.
22 Vibes Trancefixtion The Different Vibes E.P. Vol 1 Open Mind
23 Space Is The Place (But We Stuck Here On Earth) Hieroglyphic Being A Synthetic Love Life +++
24 A... Mono Junk A... Trope Recordings
25 Rusky-Dusky Neon Dust Pierrot Premier Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Force Inc. Music Works
26 Juggernaut Daz Saund & Ben Tisdall Juggernaut / Basis Missile Records
27 Exit To The Comfort Zone Coni Comfort Zone ClekClekBoom Recordings
28 Living In The Past Peak:Shift Now Come On Into The World Nurture
29 Eastman Move D Kunststoff Source Records
30 Respect The 78 Greg Beato Apron EP Apron Records