BB WBAR Show - In My Blood
In My Blood
Tuesdays - 6 AM
Genre: rock, pop, country, jazz, soul
DJ(s): Jarbone
My dad’s love of music has inspired my own, so I’m sharing my playlist with him. Expect to hear alternative, Americana, jazz and soul from Dad, plus several songs by Uncle Kracker (just kidding). I’ll also be playing alternative (read: lots of the National), as well as alt-country and pop. We will give each week’s playlist a theme (album closers, album openers, summer songs, etc.). A bit about me: the way I listen to music is not cool at all. I liken the process of me discovering a band to a leech grabbing onto its prey—I cling and cling and suck every ounce of blood from an album until I drop off in exhaustion and find my next subject. This method has definitely limited the amount of music I listen to (which is why I have resolved to change my ways), but it has left me with memorable moments, lyrics and music-magazine quotes to share with you all. (Side note: representing Kansas City!)