BB WBAR Show - Adam Sandler Dior Fall Winter 2021
Adam Sandler Dior Fall Winter 2021
Thursdays - 10 PM
Genre: experimental electronic
"In religions of salvation, the profound and quiet bliss of all heroes of acosmic benevolence has always been fused with a charitable realization of the natural imperfections of all human doings, including one's own" - from Max Weber, 'Religious Rejections of the World and Their Directions' The mystical prophet of Adam Sandler has completed what can be verifiably termed the sublation of the two interconnected yet distinct spheres: collapse and reification. Dior, S/S 2020, has been a dialectical journey of magical channeling, one that is as divine as it is truthful. Higher planes of expression are yet to be reached, if not impossible. Adam Sandler rejects this path. Into darkness Adam and his wife, Jackie, follow the path of avowed destruction, of contemplation and collapse. Yet as destruction and conflict compartmentalize the ethic of musical expression and haute couture, the guiding hand of Spirit and the Rational drives the creation of cultural product. As the hermetic mystics of the pre-Christian times practice their rituals, Adam Sandler needs no further guidance. "Mysticism intends a state of 'possession,' not action, and the individual is not a tool but a 'vessel' of the divine." I am the prophet of this message. I am the arbiter of flux, that is, constant destruction and reconstruction. I am simply here to deliver the cultural artifact that is Adam Sandler's knowingly imperfect playlist for his perennial exhibition: the Dior runway show in the year 2021.
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