BB WBAR Show - High Ben
High Ben
Mondays - 6 PM
Genre: New Ambient
DJ(s): seb // skipper
Is That Chill? minimal ambient music dispersed over the past four decades, buoyed by the force of our personalities and mutual love and respect for geology. no fear of a talk show component – potential issues to be discussed: seismic acoustics, vr space, craig nielsen’s talk show, jj’s place ritual, the New Fragmentation, campus politics. being close friends since the first week of college and as a result sharing a tonal and fidelic psyche. a shared respect and knowledge of guitar music and the shared rejection of guitar dominance in our radio show. a mutual hate of cole from DIIV. jack has been a wkcr jazz programmer every semester since freshman year, including summer sessions – he is ending his time with kcr and entering the embrace of the wbar community to share his knowledge. seb regularly performs live music and monitors an intense facebook feed of practicing musicians who share many tracks a day, who receive no likes from anyone, but regardless, continue to share. ☺
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