BB WBAR Show - Barnard Residential Life
Barnard Residential Life
Fridays - 2 AM
Genre: metal
This will be a satirical and deeply critical representation of Barnard Residential Life and Housing as expressed through music. As students it is essential to question the housing establishment and we will be doing it in the cutting-edge form of interpretive musical criticism. We will have topic themes of the week that inspire the playlists. Here are a few examples: · Songs for When ur black mold spores act up · how to make the most of your twin bed · Songs your RA was told to croon to you when u can’t sleep · Songs for the reslife website · Nsop · Songs that would make ur RA shut down your party · Shabbat in 600 (this would feature a lot of radical orthodox Jewish music created in New York. It sounds like an oxymoron but it's not) · Protest anthems of Barnard reslife