BB WBAR Show - Black Some Sugar, No Cream
Black Some Sugar, No Cream
Wednesdays - 6 AM
Genre: metal
DJ(s): SabinaThomas
This show will focus on exploring the black experience through a musical journey. I intend to expose my audience to different contemporary black artists across the hip-hop/rap and R&B spectrum with sprinklings of jazz, funk, and alternative stylings. Occasionally, I plan to play some of my favorite Haitian songs and artists due to the fact that my roots lie in the beautiful island country. This musical exploration and as a result, this show aims to further debunk the notion that the black experience in America is a monolith. As a first generation African-American female, I will expose my audience what it means to be black in America to me. I intend play songs that highlight some of experiences through my life's journey thus far. For example, The Preacher's Son by Wyclef Jean was the first rap album I listened to with my family and subsequently, was my first taste of conscious rap and the influence of Haitian/Caribbean beats. In the same breath, Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West was the first rap album I listened to completely by myself and learned the lyrics to. Through different artists like SZA, TV on the Radio, Goldlink, Vic Mensa, Ms. Lauryn Hill, I'll take my listeners through my First Triumph, my Major DownFall, my Biggest Ah-Ha Moment, and all the little unsexy definitives, maybes, and half-truths in between. In return, my listeners will experience the pure genius, creativity, and innovation of a black collective that's reached millions of people across race, gender, and socioeconomic class.