Fridays - 2 PM
Genre: metal
HYPERTOXIC is a feminist talk radio / music program, specifically focusing on traditions and themes of toxic masculinity in contemporary culture. Our goal with this program is to elevate our discourse beyond just music that we like to analyze the music's content in an open and progressive dialogue. To accomplish this, we want to structure each segment of the show as follows: in the first hour, Paris and Inga will discuss the issues and playing relevant tunes. Second hour, we'll host a guest with relevant personal experience with toxic masculine culture to talk about their relationship with the week’s topic and share some tunes to illustrate their points. We specifically are aiming to highlight the diversity of experience with toxic masculinity by bringing in individuals from very different backgrounds, i.e. people with experiences within black male culture, LGBTQ+ culture, trans communities, and others. Possible segments might include discussions of: - The ethics of separating music from musician, with a current events lens on recent cases of musicians (XXXTentacion, PWR BTTM) being exposed as unsavory individuals yet still maintaining large active fanbases. - Shedding a more critical light on the redundant softboy guitar driven music that dominates certain publications' coverage (…. Gtfo pitchfork) - Within this, trying to dissect the kinds of toxic masculinity expressed in less overt ways via the "softboy" prototype, where toxic masculinity makes still makes people shitty even if they don't explicitly disrespect other gender identities. - The recent trend towards lyrical acknowledgment of mental health problems in rap and hip-hop music as it relates to the particularly restrictive construct of black masculinity We also want to hammer home that we plan for this show to be more of a showcase of modern music through an exploratory critical lens, not necessarily pushing an agenda of saying there should be less men in music, but rather looking at modern music as a possible parallel to how we as cisgendered women occupy a women's college radio space with men. We want to explore why we're into this kind of music and how traditions of hyper masculinity are circulated and reproduced in different iterations. For the more visually inclined we have also designed a show logo that might explain our concept we will slide it yr way via email.