BB WBAR Show - Long Drives (or Driving Your Son to his Fencing Lesson)
Long Drives (or Driving Your Son to his Fencing Lesson)
Tuesdays - 10 AM
Genre: metal
DJ(s): ZoeKurland
Each show would be a different "long drive" with 2 or more people in a car, 1/4 talk, 3/4 music curated to fit the situation. Every episode has different people in the car, some sample ideas are “Driving Your Son to his Fencing Lesson,” “Driving to Silicon Valley to See Your Boyfriend Who Works For Google Now,” and “Driving to The Mall to Get Your Ears Pierced.” They can be as simple as "Driving to the the SAT" and as weirdly specific as "Driving to a Pond With a New Friend Who Thinks You Like To Fish But You Lied." There are so many drives that can be long, awkward, strange, and beautiful, and the music would follow the vibe and trajectory of conversation. If there aren't any actors/readers available, the short "story" bits can just be read narrator-style. Another option is the playlists can just be themed as these weird long drives, no read-aloud drama included.
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