BB WBAR Show - Bisexual Underground
Bisexual Underground
Fridays - 8 PM
Genre: anything i want
DJ(s): Schwifty
There's a bisexual living underground. On Fridays from 8pm to 10pm, you'll get to hear cool music, and she'll invite people to play on air, get interviewed, or just chat. Topics last year included: Bisexuality, LGBT news, Rick from Rick and Morty being pansexual, LGBT music videos, a friend's experience applying for her U.S. Citizenship, a friend's experience with religion and being LGBTQ+, a poetry corner discussing queer poets, dating culture and live performances with discussions after. This year, DJ SCHWIFTY, aka Marie Sgouros, would like to interview even more people–from all different backgrounds. Bisexual Underground would like to get some unique perspectives and life stories recorded. DJ SCHWIFTY bi^2 (bisexual and bi-racial, yay!).
Margot Gordinier
Performing on Bisexual Underground on Nov. 9, 2018, 8 p.m.
Margot Gordinier is a 16-year-old musician who writes and records music in her bedroom in the New York area. Greatly influenced by the Smiths, Young Marble Giants, Jeff Buckley, Mazzy Star, Clairo, Stef Chura, Nirvana, and others, she channels both dreamy, lo-fi bedroom pop and guitar-based punk undertones into her original songs. She self-released her debut album, “little misrecorded”, which she recorded using her iPhone, onto Bandcamp and SoundCloud during the summer of 2018.