Our current featured show of the week is Cornbred with DJs Johnna Bratt and Anna Hippee! We asked them some questions so you could all get to know them! On Sundays 12 am-2 am! Nicole-Juliet: How long have you been doing wbar? Anna Hippee: Jo did a show last spring, Twin Citizen, featuring music from Minnesota. This is my first semester. NJ: Where are you ladies from? AH: I grew up in Iowa City, and Jo grew up in a town of 1100 people called Bird Island smack dab in the center of Minnesota. NJ: How did you get show title? AH & JB: We came up with the idea of doing a midwestern show at the beginning of the semester and spent a few hours sitting in Brownie's Cafe coming up with a huge list of potential names. Anna (Mrs. Hippee) is a master at wordplay and came up with so many good ideas: Tractor Factor, Flannel Channel, You didn't want to go to college here... Cornbred won out--it's a pun that has led to some calls into the studio for hot orders of cornbread (and Jo recently found out it is a double play on corn-fed also). NJ: What genre is your show? AH: We try to play everything! But we consistently end up playing rap and anything with saxophone in it. Also Bon Iver. Did we mention that we play Bon Iver? NJ: What is it like having a co-dj? AH & JB: Comparable to having a siamese twin but in a non-physical, musical sense. NJ: Favorite song you played on your last show? AH & JB: We spent way too long debating this so we're giving a few answers: IA- Troubleshoot by Dana T MN- Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark Bonus U Got Me Fucked Up by Chance the Rapper (Chicago)