Our current featured show is enema by blacklight, another well-loved WBAR institution airing 8-10pm Sundays! DJ Dylan Kario talked with us about humble beginnings, finding new music, and WBAR-B-Q: WBAR: Where are you from? Dylan Kario: from underneath a pulverized tin of sundried tomatoes crusting in the heat of the blazing LA sun, discarded at the intersection of the 101 and the 405, i, a displaced duende, emerged WBAR: How long have you been a WBAR DJ? DK: i started DJing with my buddy @Sam Stevens in spring of our freshman year. our show was called White Sauce Hot Sauce and we never ate halal in the studio. i took a break for a semester and rejoined the next spring as a solo enema. WBAR: What is the inspiration behind your show name and what inspired the transition from enema by candlelight to enema by blacklight? DK: The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran WBAR: How do you go about putting together your weekly playlists? DK: when i can, i like to make my shows entirely from new music that i get that week. i usually start with an artist or track i liked from my last show, or something a friend or facebook showed me. then i look up related artists and releases on what.cd/blogs/reviews, youtube some tracks, download albums i think i'll like, pick the Good Track, then continue the process. it's good to do this hopped up at Joe without a charger for maximum urgency. what.cd forums are some really f'd rabbit holes. every show for me is a test in making a cohesive playlist from brand new material, and it's really exciting to end up with 10-15 new albums a week. later, after i weed out stuff i don't end up liking as much, i get to really dig into more and more amazing music that i have strong & lasting associations with from making my shows. WBAR: What’s your favorite thing you’ve played on your show recently? DK: toss up between two songs that made me use the Repeat Song feature for the first time since possibly middle school: YELLOW DIAMOND SHODDY, the last track off Sinjihn's latest release, and Try 2 Break (Remix), the last track off RP Boo's latest release / a collaboration with Rashad / a good thing bc they replaced RP's misogynist hook with catchier sample chopping. WBAR: Who are you most excited to see at WBAR-B-Q? DK: can't wait for Dubbel Dutch to soundtrack the sunset!!! Wanna see even more of enema by blacklight? Check this out!