Our newest featured show is ~~Cool Aunt$~~ airing 4am-6am Wednesdays! Below, DJs Blaire McClure and Briana Bursten let us know what they're all about: WBAR: Where are you guys from? Blaire: I’m from Dallas, Texas, most often associated with its mediocre football team, JFK’s assassination (RIP), and conservative politics. Fun fact: I used to go to the same church as George Bush. Briana: I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, which is known as the strip club capital of the United States and also doubles as the general area in which James Franco’s masterful performance in Spring Breakers was filmed!!! WBAR: How long have you been WBAR DJs? B&B: Since February 2015! WBAR: What’s it like having a co-DJ? Blaire: Pros: Briana wakes me up whenever I oversleep- which is embarrassingly quite often. Also, we have very similar tastes in music which enables us to curate a cohesive/dope/hype playlist each week. Con: She eggs me on to do really embarrassing/potentially offensive things in my sleep-deprived, delirious stupor. (Read below) Briana: It’s nice breaking and entering a residence (aka Blaire’s dorm) and not getting punished for it. Also, nothing really beats having a partner who reads excerpts from Trainspotting in a Scottish accent at 4am… that’s #RARE. Her music taste is a plus I guess. WBAR: How would you describe your show? Blaire: The line at International on a Thursday night meets Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA's meets doing the Cha Cha Slide at your painfully awkward middle school dance. This is the vibe Breezus and I unwittingly create every Wednesday 4-6 AM. Briana: Ina Garten’s alter-ego, Rarefoot Contessa, meets Pharrell when he actually was a baby and justifiably had a baby face. Throw in the contradictory fusion of self-loathing/immense pride felt only when you drunkenly show up at Koronet’s and watch yourself in the mirror as you eat a chunk of pizza the size of your face, and you get Cool Aunt$. WBAR: How do you go about putting your playlists together? B & B: Every Sunday night when the clock strikes midnight, we dress in all pink and ascend to the eighteenth floor of Sulz Tower via secret stairway . We turn all the lights off, and set flame to a several candles arranged in a triangular pattern. (#Illuminati) We then pin a photo of our savior, Yeezus Christ, to the wall. Then we wait for song choices to divinely come to us, and we write them down on a scroll with a feathered quill. (But- if we are feeling lazy, we create a google doc instead.) WBAR: What’s your favorite thing you’ve played recently? Blaire: Wonderwall by Oasis!!!! (You probably haven’t heard of it though.) Second favorite is probably Doe-Active by A$AP Briana: Definitely the audio message that my dad sent me professing his love for uber when he updated his iPhone for the first time (can you say millennial??) Also- anything by Bishop Nehru or Fatima WBAR: What’s your favorite thing about WBAR? B & B: Fawning over attractive male Djs from afar and calling into their shows anonymously and asking if they’re single (lol cover blown WOOPS!!!!!) Plus the fact that we are given a public platform to ~express our tastes in music~ and grace the interweb with our $WAG. (Adding to our narcissistic tendencies is a lowkey plus.) But our actual favorite thing about WBAR was that we are given many opportunities to see cool artists. For instance, Wendigo, a beastly yet celestial creature/artist performed before our very eyes in Altschul Atrium.