BB WBAR Show - Dude Ranch
Dude Ranch
Tuesdays - 2 AM
Genre: ambient, noise, nü-metal, bro
Ever try to rock out to Evanescence while sulking to Aphex Twin’s soundscapes? Well, saddle up, partner!* Juxtaposing a refined ambience and pastiche of works by Four Tet, Gas, D/P/I and Demdike Stare with the more prosaic yet no less affecting redundancy and mimetic re-production of songs by Blink-182 and Korn, cowboys Ben Bieser and Will Mosko wrangle up the modes and tunes of life on the range. Spurring on the academic conversation about critical value judgments and systematically discarded genres, the Dude Ranch invites outlaws and city slickers alike to reflect on the striking similarities between ambient, noise, grunge, nü-metal, and pop-punk and demand why ‘refined culture’ insists on the relative quality of some but not others. Especially in a post-Death Grips, post-Garden of Delete (or “hypergrunge”) musical landscape, the divisions between the traditionally-instituted notions of genre have begun to collapse, and only at the Dude Ranch can you lasso in such a renegade assessment of classification and difference. *Ben is from Texas so this isn’t entirely culturally appropriative