BB WBAR Show - In My Blood
In My Blood
Sundays - 10 AM
Genre: rock, pop, country, soul, jazz
DJ(s): Jarbone
Since my dad’s love of music has influenced my own, we’re creating the playlists for this show together. While we certainly have favorite artists (as hinted by the quote at the end), we showcase new voices every week. Also, our playlists are themed, bringing together sonically-diverse songs through a common concept. ///////////////////////// If you have comments about the show or simply want to chat about music, my email is Also, like us on Facebook for updates: Happy listening! ///////////////////////// “I’m in one of those phases where I don’t really know about, like, what is now. The last two years of high school, kind of through college, I just liked current bands. And then the last two years of college, it was like, ‘No,’ you know, ‘I like Can,’ or something. Back to when Pavement started, I was kind of into My Bloody Valentine, or some other new band, I can’t really remember. And then it’s been 17 years of just liking Can.” –Stephen Malkmus