BB Previous WBAR show for RUFF HAUS III
2 PM Feb 19 airing of RUFF HAUS III. ...ahh, memories.

The archive:

The playlist:
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Hot Coffee LK Eot Micronesia
2 Visions MODE7 Friends N' No Ends EP Käse Kool
3 Chapeau Rouge Folamour Chapeau Rouge Fauxpas Musik
4 Evvy Steps Arttu Evvy Steps Clone Royal Oak
5 Whatitis Project Pablo & Wolfey Jervis Pump Station Church
6 Hot Medusa (Kai Alce Dub) Munk Hot Medusa Local Talk
7 ヘッドライツ 外神田Deepspace Midnight At The Tokyo Central Natural Sciences
8 Swept Illusions (Dorisburg 808 Dance Mix) Headless Ghost Swept Illusions Clone Royal Oak
9 Need I Say More FYI Chris Back In The Millennium Rhythm Section International
10 Diavolo Di Un Disco (DJ Fett Burger & DJ Grillo Wiener's Emosjonelle Runkering Mix) Luminodisco Keep On Wankin' EP Hell Yeah Records
11 Untitled (B) Tambien & Tiago Untitled Public Possession
12 Time Zone (Mix 2) Lnrdcroy Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 1 Pacific Rhythm
13 In Love Again (Fast) Red Rack'Em In Love Again EP Wolf Music Recordings
14 04RW ALEKS Low Definitions Natural Sciences
15 Chicagocid Steven Simpson ND 1Ø Pills Mate
16 Remember Me (Arttu Remix Number Two) Fjaak Remember Me EP Klasse Wrecks
17 The Sun On The Refugees Takuya Matsumoto Ekr's Galactic Dance Clone Royal Oak
18 No Rewinds Luca Lozano Homies At Work Klasse Wrecks
19 Mr Kiwi's Local Artist Local Artist EP Proibito
20 Jaded Rhythm LK Keion EP Shall Not Fade
21 Appearance Vincenzo Maurice Friends N' No Ends EP Käse Kool
22 Saturn Propulsion System Rudolf C Black Summer Tape Jungle Gym Records
23 Ostepop Dream Mix DJ Fett Burger Redone Remix Of Geography Plus Two Burgers Geography Records
24 Marine Drive Flørist Phenomena All Caps
25 Givin' Lip J. Albert Emergency Cosmetics Hesperian Division
26 System Is Wack Aurhythm Friends N' No Ends EP Käse Kool
27 The Weapon Jacob B. The Breslau Cuts EP Käse Kool
28 Recycle (5AM Reflection Mix) Khotin Baikal Acid 1080p