BB Previous WBAR show for RUFF HAUS III
2 PM Apr 15 airing of RUFF HAUS III. ...ahh, memories.

The archive:

The playlist:
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Paraworld Ex-Terrestrial Paraworld 1080p
2 30min Royer Way Silent Closer
3 +200 Gamma Perfume Advert +200 Gamma Opal Tapes
4 Save It (For Yourself You Tory Scum) Casio Royale In Basements Vol. 2 Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
5 Sampling Winter Legowelt Sampling Winter Unknown To The Unknown
6 We Are Not Alone R-A-G The Tales Of... Part 1 M>O>S Recordings
7 Long Gone Al Zanders Limb Valley EP Blind Jack's Journey
8 Psycho Animus Dawit Eklund Psycho Animus / Tuff Ruff 1432 R
9 Givin' Lip J. Albert Emergency Cosmetics Hesperian Division
10 Река Времени Сергей Суокас Река Времени ГОСТ ИНСТРУМЕНТ
11 DX Adventure Hissman Paper Moon Dog In The Night Records
12 Early Winter Light (FYI Chris Remix) Medlar Juno Riverette
13 Untitled A Globex Inversia 1 Acting Press
14 Endcliffe Park Al Zanders Limb Valley EP Blind Jack's Journey
15 Dedication FYI Chris Back In The Millennium Rhythm Section International
16 Lost Between Friendly Fires Folamour Chapeau Rouge Fauxpas Musik
17 184 Hashman Deejay Sandopolis Future Times
18 U Feel It Deetroit Deetroit Conspiracy Unknown Deetroit
19 Ain't Got No Time (Japan Blues Remix) DJ Slyngshot Ain't Got No Time Place No Blame
20 Twt 002 Third Wave Trax Third Wave Trax 01 Third Wave Trax
21 Basical (Samo DJ & Baba Stiltz Remix) Phran 3000 Modes EP Klasse Wrecks
22 Untitled Details I Details One DT
23 Оставим Алексей Никитин ГОСТ001 ГОСТ ЗВУК
24 Collectively (TRP Remix) Royer Collectively EP Lobster Theremin
25 Rawtz Sleep D The Jackal Butter Sessions
26 Dypblå Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger Hands Of Doom 2 Klasse Wrecks
27 Do It Again (Fabio Monesi Remix) Shinichiro Yokota The Far East Transcripts Hhatri
28 Untitled (A2) Terekke Terekke L.I.E.S.
29 Love Me Love Me Not Paul Deepnlow Moore House Culture 12Records
30 Amelie's Dub STL At Disconnected Moments Smallville Records