BB Previous WBAR show for Dude Ranch
8 PM Apr 5 airing of Dude Ranch . ...ahh, memories.

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The playlist:
Long Week
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Running All Day SLUMS Friends of Ours (self-released)
2 6 days memo boy (single) (self-released)
3 No Effort No Reward TWINS. Harsh Riddims 2MR
4 Killer Love BB Heroin Highlife (self-released)
5 Pop a Treat BB Heroin Highlife (self-released)
6 Know Its Broken Danny Chent (single) (self-released)
7 Dare to Exist Milk Music Mystic 100's Dom America
8 What If Kevin Gates (single) Bread Winners' Association
9 Aladdin Future Islands The Far Field 4AD
10 Rogue Idiot Oli XL Tracer Wanz W - I
11 Wild Animal Delroy Edwards Hangin' at the Beach LA Club Resource
12 Supremacy Bonaventure Free Lutangu PTP
13 Yahhh! Soulja Boy Insomniac/Interscope
14 Carrot Rope Pavement Terror Twilight Matador
15 Jynweythek Aphex Twin Drukqs Warp
16 Ghosts in Ma Hallway Onoe Caponoe (single) (self-released)
17 You Like Me Don't You Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Motown
18 What's a Telephone Bill Bootsie Collins Ahh... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! Warner Bros.
19 Pre Earl Sweatshirt Doris Tan Cressida
20 I Serve the Base Future Dirty Sprite 2 Epic
21 DNA Earl Sweatshirt I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside Tan Cressida
22 Solidarity Forever Bill Orcutt A History of Every One Editions Mego
23 Fluid Stasis Jesse Osborne-Lanthier From A Flawed Apex Which Led To The Head Where To Now?
24 Nocturne Seduction Night Communication Welcome To Paradise (Italian Dream House 89-93) Safe Trip
25 I Met You On BC Ferries Lnrdcroy Much Less Normal 1080p
26 Hello Hammerheads Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness Leaf
27 No More Hiroshima The Lowest Form Personal Space Iron Lung
28 Personal Space The Lowest Form Personal Space Iron Lung
29 Dah Malory Malory GODMODE
30 Crystal Cat Dan Deacon Spiderman of the Rings Carpark
31 Sentient Pharmakon Contact Sacred Bones