BB Previous WBAR show for RUFF HAUS
2 PM Feb 10 airing of RUFF HAUS. ...ahh, memories.

The archive:

The playlist:
# Song Artist Album Label
1 Love Frequencies Folamour Love Me Some Friends #1 Moonrise Hill Material
2 Time Wasting Shaded & Harvard Bass feat. Rossi Time Wasting Twin Turbo
3 Speed Tool 1 Speed Boat Speed Tools EP Nail Shop
4 Untitled (B) Baltra Rearview EP 96 And Forever Records
5 Pisces Rudolf C Synaesthesia X-Kalay
6 Between The Slippage DJ Bong Gozling Anarchy In The House Of Sagesse Natural Sciences
7 Jungle Fantasy Shedbug Incipience EP Of Paradise
8 Dancing On That Rainbow In The Poneymatrix Folamour FHUO001 FHUO Records
9 Angst Realitycheck Trafficjamblues Renascence
10 Santori サントリー Raär You Are The Prototype Who's Susan
11 Your Wardrobe (S.A.M.'s Downtown Remix) Baaz Red Souvenirs (Remixes) Office Recordings
12 Decompression Harrison BDP Fair EP STRCTR
13 Very Sweaty Palms (Kassem Mosse Remix) Madteo feat. Sensational ReCast Meakusma
14 Shine On Ethyène Love Me Some Friends #1 Moonrise Hill Material
15 Bongos, Bleeps, Drums Sofa Talk Limited Series - BPLS003 Banoffee Pies
16 Whatitis Project Pablo & Wolfey Jervis Pump Station Church
17 Valo Force/Emerge Lumi Counterchange Recordings
18 Tape #1 Deep88 House Culture 12Records
19 Cirkla Dorisburg Irrbloss Hivern Discs
20 Back Together Again Name Grand Écart Beat X Changers
21 88888888 Prince Of Denmark 8 Forum
22 All The Reasons Sweely All The Reasons Distant Hawaii
23 Melodic Tool 2 Seb Wildblood Melodic Tools Church
24 Next Saturday (Club Mix) Steve Murphy Watching Birds EP Shall Not Fade
25 Vintage VSTs Mr. Ho Trak Madnezz Clone Jack For Daze
26 Yo Endlos Youandewan Apache Line Amadeus Records