BB WBAR Show - Writer's Unblock.
Writer's Unblock.
Sundays - 12 AM
Genre: alternative, rock, talk
Writer's Unblock is a collection of songs, poetry, and occasional interviews geared towards writers, poets, musicians, and generally creative people (or people who want to become creative!) to listen in and get their creative juices flowing, take a writing break, or just relax listening to an eclectic playlist. Music comes from several genres, but generally focuses on alternative, rock, singer/songwriter, and stand-outs from other genres. From time to time, the show features poetry, including live poetry and interviews with writers, musicians, and creators. Co-hosted by Harrison Gale BC '20 and Jeremy Adkins SEAS '19!
Kendra Morris
Performing on Writer's Unblock. on April 15, 2018, midnight
Tune in to Writer's Unblock on Sunday April 15 for a WU ~extravaganza~ with musician, songwriter, director, and animator Kendra Morris! Kendra Morris, statistically 99.9% likely to be the coolest person of any room she walks into, will be stopping by the studio for a LIVE performance an interview with your favorite interviewing DJs. Influenced by early 70s soul and rock but never afraid to blaze her own path, Kendra Morris is a guest you won't want to miss!