BB WBAR Show - Phases
Sundays - 8 AM
Genre: metal
DJ(s): TatiBee
Everyone has a ____ phase... When I was in middle school, I had a Green Day phase, which led to my angsty 2000’s emo and pop punk phase, which led to my nearly 8 year obsession with Panic! at the Disco. This show will serve as a place to unpack the underpinnings and nuances of a variety of musical phases that I went through personally, by digging up my old Spotify (and iTunes?!) playlists and taking some trips back in time, but also by asking my pals about the quirky and fun musical phases that shaped their musical development. I find the idea of having a “____ phase” really intriguing, and though these phases are often regarded with some disdain or embarrassment, I think they serve as reminders as to how much our musical tastes change and develop. Additionally, I don’t particularly like the idea of a “guilty pleasure” and think that listening to what you love, no matter how crazy or stupid it may seem to someone else, shouldn’t be stigmatized. Listen to what you like. Start a new phase.