BB WBAR Show - Podcast About Nothing
Podcast About Nothing
Saturdays - 6 PM
Genre: talk
This show is everything you’ve ever wanted, if you share our exact interests. If not, no worries, there is something for everyone: politics, sex, pop culture, frat fridge culture, an interview with your scariest female friend! Do you know that scene in Seinfeld where Jerry and George come up with the idea for the TV show about nothing? This is that--except, way less white, way less male, and with a far lower budget! ALTERNATIVELY--imagine the best conversation you’ve ever had with your closest friend. This is that, every week, for two hours. Everyone thinks that they and their best friend would be great on a podcast together, but that’s actually true for us. Our other friends have told us before. Podcast About Nothing is as much an exploration of our inner lives and our own psyche as it is of culture and society. This podcast will examine everything that catches our attention and sparks a dynamic conversation between the two of us and our guests.