BB WBAR Show - You're Invited!
You're Invited!
Thursdays - 12 PM
Genre: Dance!
DJ(s): djconflicted
Each week, I will choose a party theme, or reference a party/scene from a specific period, and I will DJ according to that theme. My idea is to cut out the middleman and to invite listeners to an exceedingly fun and well-planned party of one! I really like subcultures/scenes, so I think there are many that could be really cool to play into. Some ideas: Gianni Versace Club Set, Surf Rock, Sonic Youth for America's Youth, Extended Plays of Eighties Hits, Boy Bands Are Cool Now, etc. The songs are not all going to be historically accurate because that gets kind of boring, and if you want a straightforward playlist of 90s music, might as well just listen to "90's hits" on Spotify. I want to bring in a few contemporary songs that appropriately match the vibe/theme of the week. To set the scene/theme for the listener each week, I think it could be cool to do a word picture for like 90 seconds at the top of each show.